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Download Pinterest Videos, Images and GIFs in HD Online

Pinterest Downloader Online is an online web tool to help you with downloading Pinterest Videos, Images and GIFs. PinDown is designed to be easily used on any platform such as PC, mobile and tablet.

As we know, Pinterest can embed different kinds of content in posts such as Video, Photo or GIF. PinDown allows you to download any kind of them with just a few clicks.

Pinterest Video Downloader from PinDown allows you to save any Pinterest video from any post without any difficulty. Our Pinterest to MP4 downloader will save Pinterest video in MP4 HD.

The usage of our Pinterest save tool is free and unlimited and does not require any software or registration. By using our website you accept our Terms of Use.

How to Download Pinterest Videos

Copy the Pinterest video link

Locate the Pinterest video pin and Copy link from the "Share" button.

Paste the copied link

Paste the copied link to the input box and click the "Go" button.

Download the Video

Click the "Download" button to save the video directly to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open the Pinterest website and Find the post with media you want to download.
  2. Copy the post link from the "Share" button, usually located to the right of the post.
  3. Paste the link into the search box of our Pinterest save tool.
  4. Click the Go button. Once you click the Go button the extraction process will start.
  5. As soon as the extraction is finished you can download the video, image or GIF by clicking on the download button.

If you are using iOS 13+, you can download videos directly using Safari. Otherwise you have to install a browser app like "Documents by Readdle" from the Apple Store. With the browser of such an app you can download files to your device.

  • For PC, you can right click download button and choose "Save link as...".
  • For Android, you can long press download button and choose "Download link". If you can not download videos using built-in browser, try Chrome or Firefox.
  • For iPhone and iPad using iOS 13+ and Safari, you can long press download button and choose "Download Linked File". Otherwise you should use the app "Documents by Readdle" to download videos.

They usually get saved in the downloads folder once downloaded. If you are using chrome then press "Ctrl+J" shortcut to open the downloads dialog box and check the recent downloads. If you are using Firefox then press "Ctrl+J" to open the downloads folder.

It depends on the original uploaded videos, images and GIFs and we will provide you the videos, images and GIFs with highest available quality.

No, PinDown does not store videos nor keep copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Pinterest's servers and downloaded directly to your device.

This can be due to mutiple reasons. First please ensure that the video or photo is still available online and then you can retry it. If you still get an error, please send the link and the error message to us.